Month: April 2008

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    Format your data using Rails composed_of Value Objects (tags: rails composed_of formatting presenter patterns)

  • links for 2008-04-28

    form_for and overriding methods (tags: rails rubyonrails programming forms) On Choosing Type | i love typography, the typography blog (tags: typography design fonts webdesign type) Ten typographic mistakes everyone makes | Life, Tutorials | Receding Hairline (tags: typography writing type bestpractices)

  • Endlich verreckt

    Das alte Gericom-Schlepptop, was ich jahrelang benutzt habe, bevor ich es vor 3 Jahren meiner Mutter vermacht habe, hat endlich den Geist aufgegeben. Ich weiß nicht mehr, wie alt es war, aber an der Unterseite klebt noch ein Aufkleber mit einer Seriennummer für Windows ME. Nun wird es also Zeit, daß ich meiner Ma einen […]

  • links for 2008-04-27

    Blub Paradox (tags: programming article) Blurminal (tags: terminal osx leopard mac plugin gui simbl)

  • links for 2008-04-26

    Welcome To UPEK – Solutions – Protector Suite for Mac Preview (tags: security fingerprint mac)

  • links for 2008-04-25

    Installing Open-Xchange on Unix (tags: open-xchange server installation openxchange sysadmin unix)

  • links for 2008-04-14

    InfoQ Presentation: MetaProgramming Ruby (tags: ruby metaprogramming presentation) NASA Science – Science Mission Directorate (tags: science nasa space education astronomy Physics kids)

  • links for 2008-04-13

    Using git submodules to track plugins (tags: git rails submodules plugins piston)

  • links for 2008-04-05

    ZABBIX: An Enterprise-Class Open Source Distributed Monitoring Solution (tags: monitoring network sysadmin opensource software) Zenoss: Open Source Application, Server, and Network Management (tags: monitoring opensource network software) Splasm Software: Audiobook Builder (tags: software mac itunes audiobook ipod shareware)