Month: October 2009

Einblicke in die andere Dimension

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Dive Into HTML5 (tags: html5 standards markpilgrim web book webdev)

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FreeBSD nur auf ZFS installieren (tags: zfs freebsd)

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Setting up a ZFS-only system « lost in volumes (tags: gpt howto zfs freebsd boot)

links for 2009-10-13 iTunes LPs are a new format introduced by Apple in version 9.0 of their popular iTunes software. The idea is to recreate the old LP experience by providing additional content such a lyrics, liner notes, photographs and other content. (tags: itunes lp tutorial documentation) TWAIN SANE Interface for MacOS X (tags: scanner twain sane…

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40+ Hand-picked Photoshop Icon Designs [Photoshop Tutorials] | Photoshop Tutorials (tags: photoshop web design graphics icons)

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Toxic Progress Indicator | (tags: macosx development cocoa objective-c ui interface) Chad Weider » Dock Progress (tags: macosx programming development cocoa objective-c dock interface ui)