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Pfsense Gateway Latency with Telegraf

Some years ago I started using the Telegraf package on pfSense and was disappointed to find out that it didn’t report the gateway latencies. So I wrote a quick&dirty Python 2 script that would parse the output of pfSense’s dpinger and output it in a format that Telegraf could send to InfluxDB. With the most…

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Pair a second Trådfri remote to lights

I had a Trådfri remote paired with my lights but wanted to add a second remote. Googling returned a lot of contradicting information. In the end the following steps lead to success: Reset the new remote (just to be sure). Remove the cover at the back of the remote. Press the button inside 4x (within…

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How to assign a docker-machine host a static ip address

Boot2docker uses DHCP by default. Most solutions I found simply assign a static address and neglect to disable DHCP. Which led to the machine simply changing its ip address after some time. This command line should take care of that: cat <<EOF | docker-machine ssh docker-host sudo tee /var/lib/boot2docker/bootsync.sh > /dev/null kill `more /var/run/udhcpc.eth0.pid` ifconfig…

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