Big bucket of pain

After reading the manuals of the ordering system of a big German retailer who is going to sell my company’s products I’m pretty sure that this will be a big bucket of pain. But the really ughly part is going to be writing some kind of app that will somehow magically dump that data into my company’s database.

Best part of the day

This is always the best part of the day. Getting a nice Moccacino before getting home from work.

Initially I wanted to post a picture of the Moccacino. Unfortunately the WordPress app locked up my iPhone solid. And while waiting for the phone to reboot I started drinking it. So all you get to see is hopefully this empty glass. (if the phone doesn’t lock up again)

Ein Internet-Mem getötet

Ein Internet-Mem ist von uns gegangen. Duke Nukem Forever wird nie kommen. 3D-Realms, die Firma, die für den nun über 12 Jahre alten Running-Gag des Internets verantwortlich ist, ist nun pleite. Nun wird wohl nur noch Hurd als Running-Gag für Vaporware herhalten müssen.