Month: December 2022

  • JiffyDOS User’s Manual

    JiffyDOS User’s Manual

    Sometime in 2016 I recreated the JiffyDOS User’s Manual in InDesign. This was just an excercise to get more comfortable with InDesign. Long story short, here is the result: JiffyDOS 6 Users Manual (interactive PDF version for online reading) JiffyDOS 6 Users Manual (print-ready version with crop marks) Use them for good, not for evil.

  • CP/M User’s Manual recreation

    CP/M User’s Manual recreation

    My original CP/M manuals are starting to fall apart. There are scanned and OCRed versions of these manuals available on the internet but these look plain and contain errors that were introduced by OCR. Based on the OCRed version of the CP/M User’s Manual I tried to faithfully recreate the old manual. The resulting PDFs […]