CP/M User’s Manual recreation

My original CP/M manuals are starting to fall apart. There are scanned and OCRed versions of these manuals available on the internet but these look plain and contain errors that were introduced by OCR.

Based on the OCRed version of the CP/M User’s Manual I tried to faithfully recreate the old manual. The resulting PDFs can be downloaded below and are free for anyone to use as they like.


CP/M User’s Guide (interactive PDF with hyperlinks for online reading)
CP/M User’s Guide (print-ready version with crop marks)


While I tried to recreate the manual as closely as possible to the original, some changes were inevitable.

  • Page format: My original manual seems to be printed in 6" x 9" (152,4mm x 228,6mm). Living in Germany I chose the more common DIN A5 (148mm x 210mm) format. This should be close enough.
  • Page numbering: It is impossible to keep the page numbering the same as in the original. In my original manual the RMAC command is described on page 5-88. In my recreation it is on page 5-99.
  • Fixed errors: I removed the last paragraph of section 4.5 (page 4-8 in the original manual) It looks like somebody accidentaly copy&pasted the third paragraph of section 4.6 in there.
  • Index entries: I fixed some errors in the index that occured to me. A few index entries seemed to point to pages that had nothing to do with index entry. Others seemed to point to the wrong page (+/- 2 pages). And finally there were some missing index entries for command options/modifiers. I added those where I noticed they were missing.

7 responses to “CP/M User’s Manual recreation”

  1. These PDF’s are not usable. Adobe Acrobat won’t open them. Google Chrome won’t open them. Something is wrong with them.

  2. Thank you for these. They open perfectly with Preview on Mac OS, and with Safari and Chromium.

  3. Thank you for the work on this! Nice to go back to even before DOS, when all the magic started.

    fyi: In response to the first post; no issues on either PDF. Linux, using various programs (Okular, xReader, Chrome/Firefox).

  4. I have the original sitting here at my desk and other than a few page differences, as you note, I see little difference. A great work.
    The hardcopy is very nice to have, however a well linked softcopy is quite useful. Thank you for your work.

  5. Wonderful, it looks beautiful. It might be worth describing it as the CP/M Plus User Guide rather than just CP/M User’s Guide. Well done.

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