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  • CP/M Programmer’s Guide recreation

    CP/M Programmer’s Guide recreation

    This is the second part of my CP/M manual recreation project. After recreating the CP/M User’s Guide first, this is now the Programmer’s Guide. As with the first part, I based my recreation on the OCRed versions on the OCRed version of the CP/M Programmers’s Guide. Files CP/M Programmers’s Guide (interactive PDF with hyperlinks for…

  • CP/M User’s Manual recreation

    CP/M User’s Manual recreation

    My original CP/M manuals are starting to fall apart. There are scanned and OCRed versions of these manuals available on the internet but these look plain and contain errors that were introduced by OCR. Based on the OCRed version of the CP/M User’s Manual I tried to faithfully recreate the old manual. The resulting PDFs…