CP/M System Guide recreation

This is the third part of my CP/M manual recreation project. After recreating the CP/M User’s Guide, and then the CP/M Programmer’s Guide, this is now the System Guide.

Like with the previous two recreations, I based this on the OCRed version of the CP/M System Guide.


CP/M System Guide (interactive PDF with hyperlinks for online reading)
CP/M System Guide (print-ready version with crop marks)


Unlike the previous two original manuals, this one was typeset in a monospaced font. I took the liberty to use all the page and paragraph styles I built up in the previous guides and applied them to this guide as well.
As with the previous two guides the page format is now DIN A5 (148mm x 210mm).
Source code in the appendixes has been totally destroyed by OCR. Luckily I found the original code from DRI in DRIPAK.ZIP in Retroarchive‘s "Operating Systems, Drivers and OS Misc" category. (local copy, in case it goes down)


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