Programmer’s Utilities Guide recreation

After recreating the CP/M User’s Guide, then the CP/M Programmer’s Guide, and the CP/M System Guide I thought I would be done. But then the System Guide referenced yet another Guide: the Programmer’s Utilities Guide.

For now this will be the last of my Digital Research manual recreations. This guide is based on this scan of the original.


Programmer’s Utilities Guide (interactive PDF with hyperlinks for online reading)
Programmer’s Utilities Guide (print-ready version with crop marks)


Just like System guide, this one was typeset in a monospaced font. I took the liberty to use all the page and paragraph styles I built up in the previous guides and applied them to this guide as well.
As with the previous two guides the page format is now DIN A5 (148mm x 210mm).
Source code in this guide has been totally destroyed by OCR. Luckily I found some original code from DRI on the disk that MAC (DRI’s macro assembler) was distributed on. (local copy in case it goes down)


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